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If API Security Isn’t Your Top Concern, It Should Be.

Recent reports show that attack traffic targeting APIs is growing 3X faster than regular API traffic. 

Unlike other API security tools on the market today, APIStrong has built-in threat protection, powered by Broadcom’s industry-leading Layer7® API Management. It’s completely cloud-based. No lengthy downloads, installation, or setup required. Sign up to get instant API protection today!

Secure Your APIs Against Complex Cyberattacks

APIStrong is built to protect your APIs and sensitive data against even the most powerful threats, including:

Denial-of-Service Attacks (DoS)

APIStrong offers four levels of defense to prevent DoS attacks: rate limit, message size, IP restriction, and time and day availability.

Code & SQL Injections

APIStrong enables you to restrict Code or SQL Injections in the body, URL path, & query string for several sources.

Element Attribute Manipulation

APIStrong uses JSON & XML doc validation as well as JSON schema validation to protect your APIs against element attribute manipulation.

Additional Features

Team Collaboration

Invite your team to create and track your API performance. You can create, edit, and delete users within the organization. This team management tool gives you easy control over API access and empowers collaboration.



Keep your team updated with slack notifications. Get slack notifications on every API. Timely and actionable insights help keep your APIs safe and secure.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get a daily and weekly summary of your API data. Each report contains a variety of metrics and a detailed overview to easily ensure each and every API is secure.

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