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Account Management

You can manage your account from APIStrong. To get the advantage of Account Management you need to Subscribe to APIstrong first.

To manage an account, click on the username and you will see the below screen.

Click on Account and you will see the account screen.

First, you will see Company Details. You can modify the company name from here.

Click on User Invites in the left navigation to see invite details. To invite users, enter the email address and click on the invite button. You can see invited users under pending invitation until that user accepts the invite. The accepted invite will be listed under the Accepted Invites table

  • On accepting an invite, the invited user can get full access to your account.
  • APIStrong allows you to share your account using the invite feature and then the user can have access to his own account and shared account(s).
  • By using the Account drop-down user can switch between different accounts.
  • The user inherits all permission of the account based on his account selection.
  • You can remove users’ account sharing by deleting users from the Accepted invite table.

Click on Plan Details to check current plan information. Details like plan name, plan usage, and briefed here. Click on the Change Plan if you want to upgrade/downgrade the current plan. Click on Cancel Subscription if you want to cancel a recurring subscription.

Click on Payment Details in left navigation to get all transaction details. Click on transaction ID to get payment receipt.

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