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You can make requests to APIs in APIStrong. An API request allows you to retrieve data from a data source, or to send data.

Each API request uses an HTTP method. The most common methods are GETPOSTPUT, and DELETE.

  • GET methods retrieve data from an API.
  • POST sends new data to an API.
  • PUT methods update existing data.
  • DELETE removes existing data.

Create API

Start monitoring your APIs by creating API in APIStrong. To create API, click on the New button in the top navigation.

A pop-up screen will appear. Click on API, API creation screen will appear.

In the API Creation screen, Select Project, enter API name, select API type, like GET, POST, PUT DELETE. Enter API URL.

Select the authorization type. For more details on authorization click here.

Add body input if any. You can add raw JSON, XML, and plain textbody, form data, URL encoded, or leave it empty if don’t have body input.

Click on the Save API button to save API.

Your API will get created. Created API can be seen under the APIs menu under the top navigation.

Click on the Run API button to see the API response.

API response can be seen under the Response tab. The first Info tab will give an overview of API response.

The response tab will show API response.

Details tab will give you trace information. Click on Click to get detail Trace Information button

Edit API

To edit API, click on “ … ” (three dots), an option will appear to edit API. Click on the Edit API option.

Edit API screen will appear.

Edit needful details and click on the Save API button.

Duplicate API

To duplicate API, Click on “…” (three dots), the option will appear to duplicate API. Click on the Duplicate API option. API will get duplicated.

Duplicated API will have the same URL, authorization, header, body, and threat protection assertion. API name will be suffixed with Copy.

Delete API

To delete API, click on “ … “ (three dots), the option will appear to delete API. Click on the Delete API option. API will get deleted.

API Listing

Users can view multiple APIs at a time. Click on the API name from the left side to select API. APIs will get open in the right side tab view.

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