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Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode allows you to stop receiving a scheduled alert when your APIs are down. To create maintenance mode, click on Maintenance Mode under the Settings tab from user profile. The maintenance mode screen will appear.

Click on the ” + ” icon to create new maintenance.

On the maintenance screen, enter the window name and select projects. To create maintenance mode, you need to have at least one alarm added. To add an alarm, click on the Add button. In alarm maintenance, select Start Date / Time and End date/Time. Check the Uptime Suppression and Alert Suppression check box if you want to suppress API in case of alert and uptime.

Maintenance alarm can be set recurrently. To create recurrence, click on the recurrence button, the recurrence screen will appear. Recurrence can be set daily, weekly, or monthly. Select maintenance time and recurrence pattern. Click on the OK button to save recurrence. Click on the Remove Recurrence button to remove the created recurrence.

Created maintenance mode can be seen under the maintenance mode list.

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