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Slack Integration

APIStrong provides Slack Integration to get a notification on Slack. On subscription, you will get access to slack integration. Once you have integrated Slack with APIStrong, you will get a notification on every API run. For slack integration, click on a username and select the Integration option from the list. The integration screen will appear.

For getting notifications in Slack, you need to set up incoming webhooks. Follow the below instruction for that.

  1. Login to slack Login
  2. Click on the link incoming webhook integration
  3. Click on the choose a channel drop down list and select a channel
  4. Click on Add Incoming Webhooks Integration
  5. Now go to Integration Settings click on Copy URL
  6. Paste URL inside Webhooks URL box and click on Save

Once you have webhook URL, on APIStrong integration screen, Past webhook URL from slack. Click on the test connection button. You will get a connection succeeded message. On every API run, you will receive a message on the slack channel.

Generate API Keys

To generate API Keys, select the Integrations option under username. You will see the Integration screen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is slack.png

Under Generate API Keys, you will get API keys. Click on the Copy icon to copy the API key and API secret. To generate keys again, click on the Regenerate button.

Add Blazemeter Keys

To create Blazemeter Test from APIStrong, you need to add BlazeMeter keys first. Enter API Key, API Secret, and click on Save. Use copy icon, to copy key/secret value.

Once keys are saved, you can see the update keys option.

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