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Time/Day Availability

To restrict API for a specific time of day or specific days of the week, you can use this assertion. This allows you to restrict service access by Gateway time and/or day interval. When this assertion is encountered in a policy, it checks the time and/or day restrictions before allowing the message to proceed. All-time and/or day restrictions are based on the time zone of the Gateway

Configure the assertion as below:

  • Restrict Time of Day
    Select the Restrict Time of Day check box and then specify the time period when access is permitted. The time period entered is automatically converted to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and displayed on the dialog.
  • Restrict Days of week
    Select the Restrict Day of Week check box and then specify the day range when access is permitted. Selecting the same day in both fields will allow access only for that day.

    Click on Save to complete the configuration.
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