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What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API), is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.

What type of Threat Protection APIStrong provides?
We provides the protection from multiple threats like Rate Limit, Time and Date Availability, IP Protection, Message Size protection, Code Injection, SQL Injection, JSON document validation, JSON Schema validation and XML document protection. 
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How Does APIStrong defend against DoS attacks?

  • APIStrong offers four powerful tools to prevent DoS attacks.
    • Rate Limit: Prevent traffic floods by defining the max number of requests that an API can accept per second
    • Message Size: Manage the expected payload size for an API. This prevents extra load on the endpoint.
    • IP Restriction: Restrict traffic from specific IP ranges where hackers are likely to come from.
    • Time & Day Availability: Restrict API access at specific times or on specific days.

How Does APIStrong defend against Code & SQL injections?

APIStrong enables you to restrict code or SQL injections in the body, URL path, & query string for several sources.

How does APIStrong defend against Element Attribute Manipulation?

APIStrong offers two powerful tools to prevent Element Attribute Manipulation attacks.

 JSON & XML Doc Validation: Define a valid document structure. Set the expected structure key and value length.

 JSON Schema Validation: Users can specify the schema JSON which your API should accept.

How can I secure my APIs in APIStrong?

Create an API in APIStrong. Under the threat protection tab, set a threat protection parameter. Always use our Gateway URL whenever you want to hit APIs inside or outside APIStrong. Click here for more info.

Do I need to apply threat protection for every API?
You can set threat protection criteria to a single API or API domain. Once threat protection criteria are applied to the API domain, all APIs with that domain will be secured. 
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Can I share my account APIs with my Team?
Yes, you can create users under your organization or you can invite your team members to join APIStrong. 
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Can I import my Postman APIs in APIStrong?
Yes, upload a valid API JSON file to quickly import your Postman APIs. All APIs from the JSON file will get imported under the project. 
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Can I import my Open API collection in APIStrong?
Yes, upload a valid API JSON file/give a URL of open api specification to quickly import your collection. 
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Is there any way of passing input data from the output of another API?
Yes, explore the variable section from API configuration, where you can define the variable out of return parameter of one API and can pass the data to another API.

How can I export APIStrong project APIs?
All APIs from any project can be exported to a JSON file. Navigate to the Projects tab and click on the download icon to easily export your APIs.

How can I analyze API performance in APIStrong?
Use our comprehensive reporting section to analyze API performance. Detailed analysis of every API can be viewed here.